Useful Links

Association of Consultants in Access Australia
Australian Building Codes Board
Australian Institute of Building
Australian Institute of Building Surveyors
Building Commission
Department of Fire and Emergency Services
Department of Environment and Energy
Energy Rating (Appliances)
Fire Protection Association Australia
Housing Industry Australia

Livable Housing
Liveable Homes
National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS)
Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS)
Residential Design Codes (Department of Planning)
State Law Publisher
Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme
Window Energy Rating Scheme
Your Energy Savings
Your Home (Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes)

Building Applications Forms


BA1 – Application for building permit – certified
BA4 – Building permit
BA5 – Application for demolition permit
BA9 – Application for occupancy permit
BA11 – Application for occupancy permit strata
BA13 – Application for building approval certificate
BA15 – Application for building approval certificate strata


BA3 – Certificate of design compliance
BA17 – Certificate of construction compliance
BA18 – Certificate of building compliance


BA7 – Notice of completion
BA20 – Notice and request for consent to encroach or adversely affect
BA20A – Notice and request for consent (response notice): Protection structures, party walls, removal of fences, access to land

Resource Downloads

Building in bushfire prone areas
Building for better protection in bushfire areas
ESD – How to Improve Star Ratings
ESD – Sustainable Living Home Owner Manual
ESD – Sustainable Living Check Sheet
Popular garden designs for Perth and the South West
Powering Your New House for Less
Smart and Sustainable Homes Design Objectives
Universal Housing design
Livable Housing Design Guidelines

Links to Reference Maps

Bush Fire Prone Areas Map (WA)
Climate Zone Map (Australia)

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