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Livable Housing Assessments

ESD promotes Livable Housing Design, undertaking assessments at the design and as-built stages of the development.

A livable designed home incorporates key easy living features aimed to make a dwelling easier and safer to live in for all occupants, including people with a disability, ageing Australians, people with temporary injuries and families with young children.

As a registered LHA assessor, ESD Australia can undertake a desk top assessment of the project design and once built, arrange for an as-built inspection.

Access Consultants

ESD works closely with architects and designers during the initial schematic design of a project to develop practical and effective access solutions with an emphasis on inclusiveness.

With expertise in auditing plans, our team considers your obligations under the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 and has a comprehensive knowledge of the relevant sections of the BCA and Australian Standards relating to access and mobility, to identify unintended access barriers and areas of non-compliance.

 By having ESD involved in the access design process, any potential delays or construction issues due to non-compliance may be avoided.

Bushfire Attack Level Assessments

A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) certificate is a legislative requirement for any development on bushfire prone land and determines the potential exposure a building may face from ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact during a bushfire. 

ESD has accredited consultants who carry out a site inspection to determine the BAL and provide reports and certificates suitable for submission to local councils as part of the development and building application process.

The BAL rating determines the specific construction and design requirements that will need to be adhered to, as outlined in the Australian Standard AS 3959 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas.

The aim of the standard is to improve the ability of buildings to withstand attack from bushfires, providing greater protection for the occupants of a building while the fire front passes as well as to the building itself.

Town Planning

ESD’s range of development services (including R-Code assessments) complement its expertise in dealing with all matters related to building compliance, energy efficiency and specific services in cooperation with local Councils.

ESD’s Town Planning team can act for you; engaging with the relevant councils to see your project move forward.  Offering practical advice on the planning process our team will listen to you; learn all they can about what you want to achieve, and how we can best serve your vision.

The ESD approach to town planning is based on a commitment to speed, efficiency and delivering a consistent quality of service to our clients.



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