Energy Compliance

ESD has a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to help our clients achieve energy compliance by providing recommendations and determining the best method of assessment.

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Star Rating

The assessment process involves use of approved software to model the design and produce a star rating certificate. Compliance is achieved if a minimum of 6 stars is reached.

Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) - BCA

The proposed building's construction is compared to the standards prescribed in the BCA to determine a strict pass or fail result.


Verified Use of Reference Building (VURB)

Essentially this method combines DTS and thermal modelling methods. Using a theoretical reference building, which is a building modelled with DTS elemental provisions, an annual energy consumption is determined and set as a benchmark. The annual energy consumption for the proposed building (including client specifications) is then calculated using the same thermal modelling software along with a set of fixed parameters. Compliance is verified if the proposed building has an annual energy consumption equal to or less than that of the reference building.


Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS)

A Deemed-to-Satisfy report for commercial buildings involves reviewing each applicable performance requirement from Section J and providing a certificate that indicates how compliance is achieved for each relevant building element.

Verification Method JV3

JV3 is the alternative assessment method for commercial buildings and uses a reference building to compare the overall assumed energy consumption of new buildings with respect to their location and climate. This process involves the comparison of a proposed design with a DTS reference building whilst also taking into account the specific location and weather data of the proposed building. The proposed building must not exceed the annual energy consumption of the DTS reference building


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