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Energy Compliance

ESD (Registration No. 42) has a wealth of experience in energy compliance and specialises in thermal performance providing residential and commercial energy assessments Australia-wide.

Our energy compliance service includes consultation, recommendations and final certification. With a commitment to Ecological Sustainable Development and a wealth of technical knowledge, we work with our clients to achieve cost effective solutions for energy compliance.

Residential Thermal Energy Assessments

ESD is a market leader in residential energy assessments of Class 1a, Class 1b and Class 10 buildings including residential buildings, residential developments, alterations and extensions.

Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) - BCA method

Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) reports enable a building to be assessed relatively quickly and easily by using a check list of the BCA requirements.

Thermal Calculation - Star Rating method

Using thermal calculation, the energy usage of the building is given a star rating of up to ten stars using AccuRate Sustainability, FirstRate 5 or BERS Pro Plus software.

Commercial Energy Assessments

ESD offers services for commercial buildings to show compliance with the energy efficiency provisions set out in Section J of the BCA Volume One.


ESD provides standard DTS compliance reports for Class 2-9 buildings, covering all aspects of Section J (J1-J8).

Verification Method JV3

ESD specialises in the use of the JV3 method to show compliance with Section J for Class 3 and Class 5-9 buildings. This method looks at the estimated annual energy use of a building using thermal analysis software and compares it to a reference building designed to BCA DTS provisions.



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