Building Compliance

ESD are experts in the field of building regulations, certification and product compliance, having extensive experience in the commercial and residential sectors.

We understand our clients may not have the time or resources to keep up to date with compliance matters. As private building certifiers we can navigate through the building compliance process and issue the required certifications for building permits and approvals. ESD Australia is registered to issue building compliance certifications and BCA reports.



Certificate Design Compliance

A Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) is undertaken to certify your proposed designs comply with the relevant statutory requirements and issue the CDC before you lodge a building permit application. By having a CDC before you apply for your building permit you can speed up your permit application time. The Regulations require that certified applications be processed within 10 business days compared to up to 25 business days for an uncertified CDC.


Certificate Construction Compliance

A Certificate of Construction Compliance (CCC) is issued to certify a new building is safe to occupy and has been constructed in accordance with the CDC, building permit, plans, specifications and conditions.

Certificate Building Compliance

Certificates of Building Compliance (CBC) certify an existing building complies with the applicable building standards and the approvals which have been issued – confirming that the buildings are safe for occupancy


National Construction Code (NCC)


The core of our business is to give you the best advice on the technical interpretation on the NCC. We can assist you in the design of your project from concept through to completion.



The NCC contains technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings and other structures covering such matters as structure, fire resistance, access and egress, services and equipment and certain aspects of health and amenity. Our extensive knowledge of the NCC allows us to provide comprehensive NCC consultancy, compliance and report services.


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