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Building Compliance

ESD are experts in the field of building regulations, certification and product compliance, having extensive experience in the commercial and residential sectors. ESD know the building compliance market and can navigate through complicated regulations on your behalf to help avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming obstacles.
We have qualified building surveyors who can provide a range of building related services including Building Code of Australia advice and certification.
Building Service Contractor - Registration No. 42

Building Code of Australia (BCA)

The BCA contains technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings and other structures covering such matters as structure, fire resistance, access and egress, services and equipment and certain aspects of health and amenity. Our extensive knowledge of the BCA allows us to provide comprehensive BCA consultancy, compliance and report services.

BCA Advice

Our experienced and qualified building surveyors have developed expert knowledge on the BCA and can provide advice on your development in regards to complying with the BCA provisions.

BCA Reports

ESD can prepare reports on a broad or specific basis, highlighting compliance or otherwise of a particular project or a particular aspect of the project. Where non-compliances occur, recommendations can also be provided with respect to achieving compliance.


ESD combines a group of skilled private building certifiers accredited to issue certificates in design, construction and building compliance.

Certificate Design Compliance

Current legislation requires all certified applications for a building permit to include a Certificate of Design Compliance.

Certificate Construction Compliance

A Certificate of Construction Compliance is issued to certify the project has been constructed in accordance with the certificate of design compliance and the building permit, all associated plans, specifications and conditions, and that the building is safe to occupy.

Certificate Building Compliance

A Certificate of Building Compliance is issued to certify an existing building complies with the applicable building standards.


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