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ESD is one of Western Australia’s leading building consultancy firms, specialising in energy and building compliance for residential and commercial developments.

Qualified in AccuRate Sustainability, First Rate 5 and BERS Pro Plus, ESD are able to perform energy compliance assessments for residential properties. With an extensive knowledge of the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions and Section J of the Building Code of Australia, ESD also offer commercial and residential energy assessments utilising these methods.

In addition, ESD are able to offer a comprehensive building consultancy, compliance and reporting service, including Building Code of Australia advice and issuing of certificates in design, construction and building compliance.

ESD exist to service the construction industry by providing quality advice and certainty, enabling projects to achieve full potential. Whether you are a builder, architect, designer, owner builder or developer, our professional team are dedicated to providing prompt, cost effective solutions for your building and energy needs.


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